Glass Tips & Advice

At Gold Coast Glass we like to help out wherever we can. We hope you find some useful ideas in this area and we will continue to build this resourceful library.

Cleaning Windows

Having streak free windows is a wonderful thing. Yet, few know how to do it.

  • Use hot, soapy water to wash them down. Take your time to really wash the window. You will want to get rid of all debris and such first. Get into the track and the sides as well.
  • Once the window is clean, use a clean terry cloth to dry and shine it. You will want to dry off the windows quickly to prevent streaks.
  • Don't waste money on chemical glass cleaners, try this formula instead: 1/3 metho, teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and hot water. The metho helps reduce streaking and helps the glass to dry faster.
  • When you are trying to clean glass in windows, you will want to work as quickly as you can. This is the best way to get your glass streak free. Keep supplies on hand to help you to do this.

Four ways to clear up cloudy glass

  • Add a little ammonia to soapy dish water.
  • Apply a layer of vaseline to the area and allow it to sit for a day or two, then, wash it off.
  • Try using denture cleaner. You will want to let the glass sit in the water for a few minutes.
  • Remove lime deposits by allowing the item to sit and soak in vinegar.

Cleaning Tinted windows

If your windows are tinted you should try to turn away from commercial cleaners as they can make the film degrade instead try using a small amount of liquid dishwashing detergent.

The Most Popular Architectural Glass Products

  • Glass entrance systems
  • Glass, panic, deadbolt, and electronic egress handles
  • Glass sliding door system
  • Curved glass features for windows, staircases, feature zones and room dividers
  • Glass room dividers
  • Specialised glass splashbacks
  • Overhead glass sliding and bifold door

Why choose Coloured Splashbacks?

  • Splashbacks create a modern, contemporary look.
  • Often they are a single panel or comprise a small number of panels, so there are a minimal number of joints.
  • The issue of the grout in tiles attracting dirt and grime is avoided.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • As the colour is applied to the surface next to the wall it cannot be scratched, nor will it loose its colour.

How to select the right type of glass for you?

The selection you make will greatly impact how comfortable you are in your home or office. Here are some helpful questions to help guide you to the solution that’s right for you:

  • What is the best way to maximise natural light?
  • How can you reduce the discomfort of winter cold and summer heat?
  • How to be secure without building a fortress?
  • How to limit UV fading of furnishings but not create dark gloomy rooms?
  • How to reduce noise levels without shrinking the windows?
  • How to lower energy consumption and still be comfortable?

Energy efficiency is one of the most talked about issues today, it is important to understand that the range of glasses that you can choose from for your windows may be specified and controlled by the need to meet Government mandated energy performance for residential buildings. This does not mean that you cannot also gain other benefits, or achieve energy efficiency beyond what the Government mandates.